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Current Issues

Review Article
Role Of Pippali In The Management Of Udarshul
Some Important Hepatoprotective Medicinal Plants In Ayurveda- A Review
Management Of Ulcerative Colitis Vis-À-Vis Atisara And Its Manifestations : An Ayurvedic Review
Ayurveda Management of Emphysema of the Lungs
A Comprehensive Study Of Miracle Tree, Shigru- A Review
Amlapitta : A Critical Review Study
Critical Study Of Chakras W.S.R. To Shaarir Vigyan In Ayurveda
Chilhaka (Toothed Leaf Chilla): An Underexplored Plant
Origin And Development Of Pancamahabhoota Theory In Applied Ayurveda
Healthy Way Of Eating Food - Ayurvedic Guidelines
Different Causes Of Skin Allergy And Their Management In Ayurveda
An Ayurvedic Approach To Public Health
Review of Benefits of Breast Feeding and other milks.
Research Article
The Effect Of Amruta Rajanyadi Kashaya In The Management Of The Sheet Pitta– A Controlled Comparative Clinical Studies
Hydrogel Preparation: A New Approach To Lepa Kalpana
Effect Of Jala Neti In The Management Of Vataja Pratishyaya W.S.R. To Allergic Rhinitis
Pharmaceutical Development Of Modified Tankana Malahara- An Ointment Preparation
A Clinical Study Of Rohitkadya Churna On Yakritdaludar W.S.R. To Hepatomegaly
Efficacy Of Ghrita Yavakshara Lepa & Sarjadi Lepa Followed by Siravyadha In The Management Of Padadari – A Clinico Comparative Study
Role Of Pracchan Karma And Samana Chikista In The Management Of Alopecia Areata (Indralupta): A Case Study
A Comparative Clinical Study In The Management Of Vicharchika by Karanja Taila & Siravyadha
Case Study
Ayurvedic Management Of Rheumatoid Arthritis (Aamvaat) -A Case Study
Ayurveda Management Of Garavishjanit Amlapitta: A Case Study
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