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Current Issues

Review Article
Environmental Toxicity In Human Beings –A Solution Through Ayurveda
Concise Review On Daily Regimen Modification To Attain Good Quality Life W.S.R. To Mother And Child Health Care
Importance Of Dooshivisha In Current Era W.S.R. To Chemical Toxicity Of Food.
A Classical Review On Bhagandar (Fistula in ano)
Dhupana With Nimbapatra As A Adjuvant Therapy To Manage Vrana- A Review.
Apamarga Kshara Pratisarana To Manage Dushta Vrana : A Review
Research Article
Evaluation Of The Effect Of RukshaBasti Along With Suryanamasakar And Nadishodhan Pranayama In The Management Of Sthaulya (Obesity)
Study On The Efficacy Of Hydrotherapy For Katigraha In Elderly Population
A Clinico- Pathological Study On Eosinophilic Patients And Its Management With Haridra Khanda And Shirishadi Yoga
Case Study
Management Of Second-Degree Internal Haemorrhoid With Apamarga Pratisarneeya Teekshna Kshar - A Case Report
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